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Figure 2

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Supplemental Fig. 2. Distribution of muNS(T1L), vimentin, and polyubiquitin in transfected cells. CV-1 cells transfected with 2 micrograms of pCI-M3(T1L) were fixed with 2% PFA at 24 h p.t. (A) The samples were immunostained with rabbit anti-muNS polyclonal (red) (left column) and anti-Multi Ubiquitin (clone FK2) (Medical & Biological Laboratories CO., LTD, Japan) (green) (center column), which recognizes multi-ubiquitin chains (M. Fujimuro, et al., 1994, FEBS. Letters. 349, 173-180). (B) Cells were immunostained with anti-muNS (red) (left column) and anti-vimentin antibody (Clone V9) (green) (center column). Nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Scale bar, 10 microns.