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PDB files for dsRNA Viruses

Go to the PDB homepage (Berman et al. The Protein Data Bank. Nucleic Acids Res 2000; 28:235-242)

Click on a virus name below to see specific entries in the PDB.

In this resource, we have listed links to all available PDB files for both structural and nonstructural components of the dsRNA viruses. The "last modified" date for this resource is shown at bottom.

Birnaviridae family
  Aquabirnavirus genus
  Avibirnavirus genus
    Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
  Entomobirnavirus genus
Chrysoviridae family
  Chrysovirus genus
Cystoviridae family
  Cystovirus genus
    Bacteriophage Phi6
    Bacteriophage Phi12
Hypoviridae family
  Hypovirus genus
Partitiviridae family
  Alphacryptovirus genus
  Betacryptovirus genus
  Partitivirus genus
Reoviridae family
  Aquareovirus genus
  Coltivirus genus
  Cypovirus genus
  Fijivirus genus
  Idnoreovirus genus
  Mycoreovirus genus
  Orbivirus genus
    Bluetongue Virus
    African Horse Sickness Virus
  Orthoreovirus genus
    Mammalian Reovirus
  Oryzavirus genus
  Phytoreovirus genus
    Rice Dwarf Virus
  Rotavirus genus
    Group A Rotavirus
  Seadornavirus genus
    Banna Virus
Totiviridae family
  Giardiavirus genus
  Leishmaniavirus genus
  Totivirus genus
    L-A Virus
  Endornavirus genus
  Varicosavirus genus
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Last Modified: September 15, 2005